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Limited Edition
Florida Panther Baby. (Felis Concolor Cori ) Only about 32 Adult Panthers live wild in the Everglades do to lack of habitat  and  human destruction
Florida Raccoon
(Procyon lotor)
Eats almost every type of food including berries, grain, bird eggs, carrion, rodent, insects and crayfish
Nr. 2
The American Crocodile
(Crocodylus acutus) Lives only in the most southern Part of the US Everglades and Key Largo. In brackish or saltwater
Crocodiles have no tongue Population  diminishing.  Nr.3 
American Alligator
(Alligator mississippiensis)
Lives in freshwater, brackish marshes, swamps, rivers and bayous. Snout rounded  and a tongue their mouth contains  hundreds of Bacteria's who cause bad infections when bitten. Nr 4
Florida Everglades Sunset

Nr 5

Bird of Paradise

Nr 6

In the southernmost Swamp Alligators Snakes  and Mammals are present in this habitat. The Bird-life can be spectacular from Ibis , Wood Stork , Sand hill Crane, Egrets, Vultures and many more…
Nr 7
Immature Red shouldered Hawk.
(Buteo lineatus)
Adults have a reddish brown shoulder patch. Length 17-24 in, Wingspan 3.5 feet. Habitat moist open forests, bottomlands, other wet areas  Nr 8
Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)
Habitat Scrub areas, woodlands bottomlands . Will attack any medium mammal or Bird. Lays her eggs in old Nests of Hawks or Crows.
Nr 9
Wood Stork
(Mycteria americana)
Length 36-42 in wingspan 5.5 feet
The Wood Stork is the only Stork in North America. Population has a  95% decline since 1966.  Nr 10
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Each Photo you seen here will be limited in Prints 100 per Photo and only for one year. With your Print you will obtain a authenticity Certificate. Each Print is numbered and signet by Anton Burghardt. 
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